Compleanno di Simonetta Puccini. 02.06.2018, Villa Puccini Torre del Lago

Jun 03, 2018

Yesterday, June 2, our Association was present at Villa Puccini of Torre del Lago to remember the birthday of Simonetta Puccini, thanks to the Fondazione Simonetta Puccini and, especially, to Patrizia and Irene.

Simonetta has contributed strongly to the rebirth of Torre del Lago, the place chosen by  Giacomo Puccini as his residence and leading light. Yesterday, on the Republic Day, the two foundations Fondazione Simonetta Puccini per Giacomo Puccini and Fondazione Festival Pucciniano, with the two Presidents Alberto Veronesi Giovanni Godi, remembered Simonetta with a concert of Puccini arias interpreted by the soprano Shoko Okada, accompanied to the piano by the Maestro Davide Bertorello.

Here some photos for you!

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