Sogno di una notte di fine estate. 14.09.2018, Villa Ginori

Sep 15, 2018

The event was a real success: all this thanks to its originality.
It was like a new proposal for the destination of Versilia: the perfect union of art, dance with Fuc method and high fashion.

On the branches of the old cedar, on a cloth especially created, the participants “collected” thoughts and aphorisms written on the leaves.

Vittorio Raschetti talked about the emotions of art and beauty, with a monologue really apreciated by the participating guests.

From the Lake of Massaciuccoli the boat materialized, announced by the rythm of the drums and accompanied by the scent of the incenses. It brought the “priest” and the dancers, who were able to render to the work created around the palm. The artists did an act of reverence at the Genius Loci, while the music softly sounded…

The performance involved the entire park of the villa, with evocative artisti creations, admired with amazement by everyone present.

At this purpose, the President thanks: the Famiglia Gaddi Pepoli for the willingness, the member Clauda Menichini, for the contribute and the collaboration, the musicians of Fondazione Cavanis, the artists of 3.0 Integrazione-Dis-Integrazione Vittorio SimoniniRiccardo Riva and Annalisa Iadiccio, Sofia Alemani, the ballet group Ecstatis and the critic Vittorio Raschetti.

Finally, thanks to the photographer Alberta Puccinelli.

Here some photos of this “adventure”.

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